Charlie’s Instructions for setting up .Text

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  1. Charlie –

    Good recap of the instructions – that seems to be a stumbling block for many setting this up.

    I really like the skin… very professional looking.

    There seems to be a number of common pitfalls that catch unwary .Text installers – I, for example, have gotten the single blog running, but never sucessfully setup multi-blog.

    On one hand, I thought about developing comprehensive instructions – like you did very well, on the other, Scott W. seems to have big plans for changing the structure of .Text…

    Moving target, anyone?

    Good luck and good blogging…

    – Nick

  2. http://

    Thanks for the great instructions — after following the dottext e-mail list for some time — this FINALLY addressed the multiple blog setup issue I have been having!


  3. http://

    It really got work after i have follower u tutorial. Thank you very much.

    but i still have a problem. when you log in as a administrator to a sub weblog,and add a new link. the link does not work correct.

    i try this in my local host. neither single blog nor multiple blog will work correctly.

    thank u for help. u can email to me:

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