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I’m a n00b when it comes to this blogging thing, so maybe this has either already been done or is just a dumb idea. Anyway, I want to be able to post entires to my blog by simply sending an email. If I think up a good idea, or random thought, or story, or whatever, I should be able to just type it up in my email application and “send it to my blog”.

If this were possible, then offline blogging would work. I could post blogs while on an airplane!

I may just try to implement this. Here’s how I would do it:

  • The basic idea would be that you’d send an email to yourself with a subject line that had some magic cookie in it that only you knew (so other’s sending you mail wouldn’t add blog entries on your behalf). Something like “blog::“ where was the magic cookie, and was the subject of the blog. You could have other options where you could specify a catetory etc…
  • The entire body of the message would be posted as the blog entry.
  • I believe it’s possible in Exchange to crack messages on the server side and run VBScript against them. I think it’s called CDO. There’s gotta be APIs in there for cracking the messages, looking for the cookie, and then using web services to make the post, right?

It seems that other blog systems already support this, but I’ve only looked into it briefly. Movable type apparently has some support for this. I want to keep using .Text as my blog engine given, and I’d like to see it support this. Maybe I’ll take on the challenge…

Hmmmm…. Time do do some research…

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  1. has implemented this, and you should be able to use some it’s code. It also supports attachments and inline pictures.

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