.Text host limitations, C# and ADO.NET

My home network is setup such that kindel.com resolves internally to a local IP address (192.168 range). Of course kindel.com resolves for everyone else in the world to my public IP address.

This means that .Text is hosed for me because it relies on the host header to find blogs (via the blog_Config table). My blogs are either visible to the Internet (host = kindel.com) or locally (host=kindelsrv). To access my blogs from home I either have to change blog_Config temporarily or VPN in to my work network and come back into my server that way.

To ease changing blog_Config I decided to write a little C# app using ADO.NET. I’ve never done any ADO.NET  coding, so this was a good exercise for me. Took me 30 minutes! I’m not a database guy, and each time I”ve tried to do database stuff I’ve struggled. On my BMW site (www.kindel.com/bmw) I used to have a working registry for cars like mine. It’s been broken for 6 months because I’m not sure what I screwed up and it all confuses me too much to figure it out.

After writing this little “blogswitch” app that lets me toggle all my “host” entries from “kindelsrv” to “kindel.com” I’m going to re-do that car registry using ASP.NET and ADO.NET!

Very cool.

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