Windows Media Center Extenders

LINKSYS : WMCE54AG : Linksys Dual-Band Wireless A/G Media Center is now taking pre-orders for the Linksys WMCE54AG “Wireless A/G Media Center Extender”…aka Bobsled. I am so incredibly proud of this device. Way back in 2000 I sat down with Don Gray and Bob Atkinson to brainstorm the concept of using RDP to remote UI and AV from a media server. This concept has finally been released as a full product. Of course you can’t actually use one of these until Windows Media Center 2005 ships but you’ll be able to get that soon too.

Hats off o the entire Bobsled team: David, Jay, Harry, Guillaume, Jeff, Nick, Gurpratap, Keith and anyone I’ve forgotten. You did it! 

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