New look and feel

I wasted a bunch of time tonight updating the look and feel of my blog. Things I changed:

  • Slightly altered the color scheme to have a bit more blue in it. Blue’s my favorite color.
  • Changed the header to be a picture (that’s me cat skiing). I now have a bunch of images the right size that I can switch in depending on the season…ski season is upon us so that’s the current theme.
  • Moved the links bar from the left to the right to make reading my blog on Smartphones easier.

Let me know what you think of the changes.

I just realized I’m still running 0.94 of .Text. I wanted to play with some other skins like Cogitation Blue by Mark Wagner but it requires 0.95. Unfortunately the workspaces are down right now. Sigh. Anyone know of a mirror of the .Text 0.95 download?

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  1. I have the most recent copy as of a couple weeks ago. I’ll use your contact page to get you ftp information.

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