Modifying the .Text CategoryList

If anyone knows how to modify .Text so that the order the things appear in the CategoryList (on the right) I’d love to hear it. I got started on this little remodelling because I was trying to figure that out. I want to move Post Categories up below the Disclaimer and move Archives to the bottom…

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  1. If you look in PageTemplate.ascx in the Skins directory, under the skin you are using, you will see the various controls that are used, and what order they are in. Just play around with that for a while…

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    No, that’s not right. PageTemplate.ascx only specifies the header, main, left (right in my case), and footer cells. It is CategoryList.ascx that generates the contents of the right pane. It has a repeater named CatList using OnItemCreated="CategoryCreated" to generate the lists.

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