Crazy expensive home server

Sheesh. I thought Linux devices were supposed to be cheaper…

Engadget writes about the Niveus A/V Storage Server which is basically just a Linux based NAS box with 1TB of RAID 5 storage in it. I can’t even tell if it actually supports SMB or not. Sure it’s pretty and fanless but why does it cost $3K?

If you think this box sounds cool to you, I suggest you instead consider what you could do with a Windows Small Business Server 2003 based Home Server:

From DELL buy their entry level (loss-leader) server box; the 420SC that I wrote about yesterday. Roughly $300.

From NewEgg buy the following:

  • LSI 64-bit PCI to SATA RAID adapter; $283 for the 6 drive model.
  • 4 Maxtor 300GB 7200RPM SATA drives for $204 each ($816).
  • SBS 2003 OEM for $437

You’ll spend $1836+shipping and you’ll have an infinitely more capable solution.

The 420SC case is not fanless, but it is quiet. Yes, you’ll have to set this up, but with all the money you save you could actually pay someone to do it for you!

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