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I’m a car nut. For the last 7 years my passion has been about my ’88 Porsche 911 Carrera coupe and my ’95 BMW 540 M-Sport 6-Speed. It’s high time I started posting the occasional blog entires about my cars. You’ll find these posts under the Car category…

While reading posts on the M-Sport mailing list I noticed that Ren Finley, another M-Sport fanantic (Ren’s a bit more of a purist than me so he refuses to add the “M-” to Sport) has a blog now. He talks about getting a new clutch built for his car. I’m due in 5-10K miles so I am looking forward to hearing how this SPEC Stage III clutch works out.

I recently had to replace the “thrust bushings” on my M-Sport and choose to go with polyurethane bushings. Bad move. They are way too harsh on the roads I drive daily. Feels like the EDC suspension is always in Sport mode. I’m going to rip them out and replace them with ’95 M5 bushings instead.

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