Dell 24" LCD for $1,199

Dell UltraSharp 2405FPW ReviewOhhhh… check out the new Dell 2405FPW Wide screen LCD that ExtremeTech just reviewed. I am such a sucker for big, high-resolution displays. I was one of the first on the block to have an NEC 6FG back in the day; I still have the hulking monster too! Right now I have a Dell 20” 2100FP 1600×1200 LCD in front of me and at work I’m lucky enough to have TWO of them in a multi-monitor setup.

Dell UltraSharp 2405FPW ReviewI’ve wanted a 24” LCD ever since I saw the Samsung 240T on MarkL’s desk a few years ago. But they’ve stayed at the near $2K price range for a while. Dell will never sell the first of something, but they are more than happy to sell the millionth (and then keep selling them).

As soon as I can justify getting one of these for my office at home (I hope Julie doesn’t read this) I’m getting the Dell. Then I’ll set this 20 incher up next to it in a multi-mon configuration. When I built my house I planned for LCD displays. I had conduit placed in the wall behind my desk so that I could eventually have up to 3 LCDs mounted there with no cables visible. I’m such a geek.

The 2405FPW is not yet available in the US today, but according to this press release, it will be here March 1.

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