Furrygoat discovers the RAID rebuild

Poor Steve (Mr. Furrygoat). Like many geeks out there he bought a RAID5 system thinking it was a silver bullet providing massive reliable storage for all his precious data (precious to him, due to the time it took to back up all his DVDs, not necessarily because the content iteself is precious).

A drive failed in the array. The rebuild took over a day for only 300GB of stuff; that’s in addition to the time it took to get the replacement time. Steve was smart enough not to risk total loss by not using the array while it was in its compromised state.

We are facing a brave new world with the combination of massive amounts of storage in the home and horrible technologies for managing and dealing with it all. A RAID 5 rebuild of 300GB takes over a day. Copying 1TB over a 1.5Mbps broadband connection will take 2 months. Over a 100Mbps LAN it will take a day. Over Gigabit Ethernet still takes 2.2hours. Think about it.

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