RSS Aggravation

So far I think they all suck.

What am I talking about? RSS Aggrigators. I’ve been bouncing back and forth between RSS Bandit, Google Reader, Outlook 2007, and several others for the last few months and none of them make me happy. A critical requirement for me is to be able to access my feedlist, with updated read counts, from any of 3 or 4 computers.

RSS Bandit allows uploading and downloading the feedlist to a WebDAV server, and I set that up. It works pretty well, but I have to remember to manually invoke the upload/download action. The UI in RSS Bandit is pretty good, but a bit clunky.

Outlook 2007 works well across computers because the feeds are stored in my Exchange profile. But it’s pretty much half-baked as an RSS reader.

Google Reader is a product of the evil enemy :-).  But as of right now it is my reader of choice. The feature that sealed the deal for me is the shared items feed. I am encountering tons of articles on Windows Home Server and I want to share them with others. You can subscribe to my shared items feed (also called a link blog) here.

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