Fake product screenshots

This is weird. I can understand people who have too much time on their hands creating fake product images of products that are not available yet. For example all of the mocked up images of Apple’s products that show up on Engadget regularly.

I get that.

I also sorta get the fact that when the Wikipedia article for Windows Home Server appeared (the day we announced in January) it had a fake/mocked up screenshot.

But what I don’t get is why someone who HAS our Beta 2 posts 25 *real* screenshots of the product along with one fake mixed in. The image you see here is of a screen that DOES NOT EXIST in Windows Home Server. It is fake. There is no “Windows Home Server Connectivity Console” in the product, there never has been, and we have no plans to create such a thing.

I’ve tried to track down who created this fake image and why but no luck so far. If you know anything about how it go created I’d love to hear from you.

UPDATE 3/1/07 4:45pm: The original image on Flickr has been deleted by whoever posted it. I had created a copy of it so I uploaded it to my Flickr account so people could see it. Whoever did this is reading my blog :-).

UPDATE 3/1/07 6:30pm: Updated the date of my previous update. I guess I wasn’t paying attention to the whole February only has 28 days thing.

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