I use TwitterFeed for automatically tweeting blog posts

I’m writing this post simply so I can remember the name of this service in 9 months when I need to change a setting again. That’s one of the problem with all these web services: there are so many of them and they “just work”; therefore I rarely need to ever view their webpage and I forget about them.

TwitterFeed is pretty cool though. I realized I was not posting my photo of the day pictures to my blog, so I started doing that.  Then I noticed my twitter stream was getting duplicate entries for photo of the day:  one from me posting the original tweet and one from the automatic post from my blog via TwitterFeed.

I’ve now configured TwitterFeed to ignore all posts with # photo365 (I put a space in there so this post gets through <g>).

Thanks @beshi for suggesting I write this post to help my lame memory.

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