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Serendipity just rocks. Earlier this year my neighbor and I were talking about what I was working on now, and I mentioned my involvement with tech startups. He told me that our mutual friend, Bob Wilkins, who now lives in New Hampshire, had recently pivoted his existing startup and was going to be in Seattle the following week. He thought Bob & I should talk.

So Bob & I got together and Bob shared the details of with me. We immediately began digging into the business, technology, and user experience aspects and found that we both could gain from working together.

Today we announced that we’ve made our relationship official: I’m now on the board of advisors for FreePriceAlerts.  The press release is below and it was picked up by John Cook of GeekWire this morning.

My family has already saved money by installing the FreePriceAlerts browser plug in.  It really does work. It’s simple to install and non-intrusive. You should check it out:

(More serendipity, the voice in the video overview is another one of my neighbors!)

I’m also helping Bob raise money. FreePriceAlerts came to be as a result of a pivot within myVBO, Bob’s previous startup. myVBO had created a sophisticated pricing engine and they used lean startup principles to find their way to creating FreePriceAlerts. They are now ready to bring in additional investments to enable the business to grow.

The number one advice I give people early in their careers is to work hard to grow their networks. You never know when someone you got to know years ago would end up being a key business partner. It’s how serendipity happens. Adds Entrepreneur and Former Microsoft Exec Charlie Kindel to Board of Advisors

January 19, 2012 – Charlie Kindel, a former Microsoft executive and current entrepreneur with significant experience in developing and supporting consumer technology products, has joined the Advisory Board. is an intuitive online shopping engine that finds the best prices while customers shop and has effortlessly helped consumers save millions of dollars on their purchases. was launched in 2011 as an application to web browsers and as a mobile app. As customers shop on their favorite sites, searches many of the web’s largest and most popular retail sites for the best price on the product.  The app downloads in seconds and quickly provides information on lower prices or confirms that a customer found the lowest price.  This unobtrusive shopping engine is currently saving customers over $100,000 a day and the customer base has doubled in the past 45 days.

“In this economy and with the technology available today, we’re seeing great and continuing interest in customers who want the best deal online. Charlie is joining our team at an ideal time and his experience in a large corporate tech environment developing a consumer brand, combined with his decades of experience building and evangelizing world class products will be of significant value as we continue our growth trajectory,” said Bob Wilkins, president and CEO of

“I’ve known Bob for years and when he demoed to me I knew immediately that I wanted to be involved,” said Charlie Kindel. “Bob and his team built the service out of an innovative and deep technology base, are applying lean startup principles, and are thinking really big. All of these appeal to me and I’m excited to help this business grow.” was launched as a result of applying lean startup principles to an application developed for myVBO, a privately held software development company founded by Wilkins in 2008. is built on a mature, powerful technology base, three pending patents, and strong affiliate arrangements with numerous large vendors that provide a revenue stream for the company. 


Background: is a free web browser plug-in and mobile app that provides instant notification of the lowest price for consumer goods available on the web right to the user’s screen or smart phone. provides how much money can be saved on the price and a direct link to the site where it can be purchased for less. If the user has found the lowest price, it confirms it with a green check mark on the screen. also offers consumers the ability to set price alerts for particular items, and when the item hits that price, they will be notified by e-mail or through a mobile phone app.  It is compatible with Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.  

Bob Wilkins has started five companies during his career and also spent 11 years as executive vice president of PC Connection. Much of his industry experience has involved the reseller industry and technology, which are both key components of Because of its uniqueness, unobtrusiveness, ease of use, and ability to instantly save money for consumers, he decided to roll out as a stand-alone product.  

myVBO, LLC, founded in 2008 and based in Peterborough, NH, is dedicated to creating productivity tools for the small office, home office and consumer markets.  myVBO also provides a “white-label” version of its online productivity modules, as well as custom modules, designed to increase traffic, time on site, page views and other key web site metrics for any business. More information on myVBO can be found at

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