When the Technology We Create Is Meaningful

My mom passed away yesterday. She was 83 and it was her time. We’ve been expecting this to happen for a while and we are grateful she went calmly and peacefully. We’re writing an obituary and I’ll post it here when it’s ready. 

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I have 4 wonderful sisters. All of them, except Susie, were able to make to Ft. Collins to be at my mom’s side when she died. However, the snow storm that hit Denver in the past few days caused many flights including Susie’s from Wisconsin to be cancelled. She had been to Ft. Collins earlier in the week, but had to return home.

Imagine if you had a chance to be by the side of someone you loved as they quietly passed away, but you weren’t able to because Mother Nature prevented it.


But Skype to the rescue. The hospice had Wi-fi and I had my laptop with me. I fired up Skype and Susie was able to sit there with her siblings and talk (and sing) to my mom as she took her final breaths. If my mom could see (not sure she could at that point) she could see Susie sitting with us; and Susie could see my mom.

It would have been better if she had been there personally, but the technology we have around us, and that many of us have had a part in creating, can and does have a deeply meaningful impact on people’s lives. Thank you all for helping to create it.

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