MCE Controller 1.5.0 Released–Send Unicode chars

MCE Controller allows you to remotely control another Windows PC on your network. For example it allows you to simulate a press of any button on the Windows Media Center IR remote control from another computer; if MCE Controller receives the string “mypictures” it will tell Media Center to go to the “My Pictures” page.

Today a user asked how to send Unicode characters such £ and € and I added this functionality to the newly released version 1.5.0.

With the help of the hive-mind on Twitter (thanks @drpizza!) I was also able to find a command line tool that lets me test MCE Controller easily from the command line. Get NetCat for Windows here.

Now with v1.5.0 you can do this to send the Euro dollar symbol to MCE Controller, which will “type” it on the remote machine MCE Controller is running on (in this case at port 5150):

echo chars:\u20AC| nc.exe 5150 -w 1


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