You Want to Buy my ’78 Toyota FJ40

UPDATE (1/15/2013): SOLD!

1978 Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser ‘Uglina’

One of the nicest, original Land Cruisers you will find on the planet. Rust free. Almost all mechanical components replaced or refurbished.

Head to for details.

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  1. Ac

    So if the Toyota is going its time for you to get another E34 then…  🙂

  2. That is very sweet.

  3. I’ll trade ya. Lost medical. Flying gliders, restoring a 1965 Italian wood-construction 15 meter standard class sailplane. 🙂

    • WallFly

      “NOTE: The design components of this aircraft which depart from the original BD-5 design are unique to this aircraft and constitute the property of the owner of this aircraft. Publication of these photographs does not constitute permission to copy these designs or components. License to produce these unique components can be negotiated on a non-exclusive basis. Purchase of the aircraft includes the full rights to these modifications.”

      I hope this sort of language helped you acquire such a nice plane, from all of US online … tick tock.,3604,1646125,00.html

  4. red willis superman

    would love to purchase this from you for my Dad. 

  5. Dan

    Off the market? Typical Microsoft exec…never give the people what they want, never pull the trigger…guess I’ll see what cars Apple execs are offering…

  6. JT

    “Off the Market ”  Translation:  I had NO idea I had underpriced this thing so badly.

  7. Jeff P

    Any chance you could tell me the size and make of the tires? They like look “just right”

  8. I just saw another Cool Cruisers truck for sale for $20K so I’m not sure the market is what it used to be

  9. Tracy

    By any chance have you changed your mind and re-listed?  My husband is still talking about how badly he wanted to purchase “Uglina”. Thanks.

  10. Buji Libarnes

    Hi! Really love your cruisers! I have been looking for years now for those r16 stock steel rims. Do you know where I could get them and how much they cost?

    Many thanks!


  11. Boilingice


  12. James Kinnard II

    beautiful job my hats off to you, what your next project ? Jim

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