The Conversation Amongst MSFT, NOK, VZW, & ATT

NOK to MSFT: We really need to get all major carriers at WP8 launch.

MSFT to NOK: Agree! Let’s make it happen.

NOK to VZW: Do the 920 for launch!

VZW to NOK: Well, ok. Maybe.

MSFT to VZW: Do WP8!

VZW to MSFT: One word: Kin.

MSFT to NOK: Hey, Elop, beg them please!

NOK to MSFT: Ok, working on it…


MSFT/NOK to ATT: Do the 920 at launch.

ATT: Sure. We’re in. Let’s do it.  But we can’t spend much on marketing.

MSFT/NOK to ATT: What would it take for you to spend more?

ATT: How about an exclusive?

MSFT/NOK to ATT: Can’t really do that. Need to support all carriers. What else?


NOK to MSFT: VZW is dragging their feet. I think they hate you.

MSFT to NOK: Yea, they’ve always hated us. Fuck.

NOK to MSFT: Maybe we should give ATT a 3 month exclusive. It’s clear VZW is not committed. Better to have one committed carrier than two who aren’t really committed.

MSFT: Agree. Let’s do that.


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