Mobile is Mobile

In the past, I’ve instinctively associated “mobile” with “phone”, as in something that has cellular voice as a primary function. But most of the world has, apparently, decided to include tablets (but, curiously, not laptops) in this definition.

I did an informal poll on Twitter. I asked:

The vast majority of respondents said “Yes”.

I don’t much care either way, I just want to be consistent. Therefore, based on this little poll:

From here on out, if I use the term “mobile” I mean a user, business, or developer scenario where the primary device is not tethered to mains power.

Thus a scenario involving a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop, a netbook, an computer embedded in the dashboard of a car, a connected camera, or a device like a Fitbit is “mobile”.

Of course, this means we can also imply “Mobile” is everything but desktop computing, data-centers, cloud, and television.

(For the record, I’m making this statement because I’m working on a set of posts where I don’t want to have to argue about this. I figure if I write a post that defines what I mean I can just reference it).

Update:  More here


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