I Want A Surface Keyboard for My iPad

I had two hilarious encounters with the new Microsoft Surface advertising this weekend. One is just funny. The other is telling.

Here’s the ad:

Microsoft’s first real TV spot for the Surface

Funny item #1:

Multiple people asked me if, at 13 seconds in, I had a little cameo:

No, that’s not me. I know people think we all look alike though.

Funny, but not so funny (for MS), item #2:

We’re watching the Flordia State v. Miami football game (I hate both teams, not sure why I was watching it). The commercial (“Movement”) comes on…

After it’s over:

My wife:

“We should have gotten that keyboard for Christine’s iPad instead of the one we got.”

(Christine’s our daughter, we got her one of the Logitech iPad keyboards).

Listen, my wife has been around a lot of technology for a long time. She’s always just put up with it (and me). She calls it as she sees it.

She thought it was a good commercial. She had no idea what it was for. She seriously thought it was for an iPad accessory. 

This is not her fault.

This is Microsoft’s fault.

Windows 8, Windows RT, and Surface are massively confusing. This is a mess for Microsoft.

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