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Book Review: Spook Country

Johnny Mnemonic, Neuromancer, Count Zero, Burning Chrome.  All phenomenal stories.  Some of my favorite reads. The Difference Engine & Pattern Recognition: I never finished them. They just didn’t resonate with me. But I still will buy anything William Gibson writes …Continue reading


I’ve always been a huge fan of Robert Ludlum. I started reading his books when I was in middle school. I don’t think the Bourne trilogy are his best works. I think The Osterman Weekend was my favorite. But with the …Continue reading

Book Review: River of Gods

Whew! I finally finished River of Gods by Ian McDonald this weekend. I categorize River of Gods as a “Great story but a PITA to read book”. Here’s the deal: I shouldn’t have to work to read a science fiction …Continue reading

Cheesburger Brown…rediscovered

Those of you paying attention will remember Cheesburger Brown. He’s an insanely talented sci-fi author and artist who, two years ago, penned Simon of Space as well as Darth Vader’s blog. Simon of Space was originaly written in the form …Continue reading

Android Dreams

I recently finished John Scalzi’s Andoid’s Dream. I’ve said it before, but I’ve always been a huge fan of Robert Heinlein and John’s writing reminds me of his. This book is John’s 3rd sci-fi novel and his maturity over time as a …Continue reading

Book: Sun of Suns: Virga

Found this book via Boing Boing and ordered it along with several others for reading over Christmas in Colorado. With the power outage, I had the chance to get through it last week. All in all it’s a pretty good …Continue reading

Simon of Space is compete!

Simon of Space is complete. The last chapter has been posted. I’m shocked that the major outlets (/., BoingBoing, etc…) have not picked up on this phenomenon. You can now order a printed book version: Read this book; …Continue reading

Seriously, read Simon of Space

I wrote about it before, but it warrants more attention: The online SciFi novel being presented as a blog titled Simon of Space is simply fantastic. Start reading it today at Every day I look forward to a new …Continue reading

First Darth Vader and now Simon

I Am A Cheeseburger ( is an immensly talented author who has been publishing some very creative things on various “Blogs”. I first discovered his Darth Vader’s Blog this spring and now am thoroughly enjoying Simon of Space, a science …Continue reading

Old Man’s War

I wish I could read more books. I love reading. That’s the problem. I start a book, and if it’s any good, I read it cover to cover in one sitting. Even if it takes me 2 days. Instead of …Continue reading

The Bomb In My Garden

  It is a small world and I always get a kick out of discovering connections between seemingly unrelated people and events. A few weeks ago I received a mailing from my high-school alma-mater, The Webb Schools of California, that …Continue reading

CodeView: Another Blast from the Past

A post on the Windows Off Topic mailing list today on multi-monitor reminded me of the fun we had debugging Windows 3.0 applications. In the early DOS and Windows days (I did this with Windows/386 and up) you could have both …Continue reading

Page 23

From Larry Grab the nearest book. Open the book to page 23. Find the fifth sentence. Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions. “Right,” I said. “And in Star Wars, no one was from …Continue reading