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ǝɯ ʍolloɟ

Every few months I make a renewed effort to do the "social networking" thing. I download the latest tools, poke around, post status updates, read other people’s stuff, and basically try to "live it".  I’ve been pretty consistent with using …Continue reading

Kindl. Kindel. Kindle.

Back before the invention of the printing press my great, great, great grandfather came to the United States from Bavaria. His name was August Kindl. At Ellis Island the immigration officials added the ‘e’…hence my family’s name. We pronounce it …Continue reading

Windows Home Server is actually useful!

Today, instead of being the GM for Windows Home Server, I was simply a user… For the last two weeks my wife has been giving me the gears because the voicemail attachements from Vonage refused to play in Outlook on …Continue reading

Book Review: Queen of Candesce: Book Two of Virga

Late last year I “discovered” Karl Schroeder when I read Sun of Suns: Book One of Virga. Recently he released the 2nd book of this series titled Queen of Candesce: Book Two of Virga and I finished it this weekend. …Continue reading

The connections are eerie

Via my regular browsing of blog searches for Windows Home Server related stuff I came across this poor guy’s extremely sad story of data loss. First connection: He should have had a Windows Home Server. Second connection: As if …Continue reading

I want more life!

I like to like things somewhat off the beaten path. But when asked what my favorite movie of all time is, like almost everyone else I know who has even a smidgen of taste, I say “Blade Runner“. No need …Continue reading

PhotoSync for Windows Home Server

09-22-02 107.jpg Originally uploaded by ckindel I just updated my Windows Home Server with Ed Halloway’s PhotoSync Beta 2. This Add-in for Windows Home Server automatically ensures that all photos stored in a particular folder on your home server are …Continue reading

A revolution is underway

Soma’s post announcing Popfly got me thinking. He uses the word “evolution”. I say it’s a revolution. Over 25 years ago I was part of a movement in the computer industry and didn’t even realize it. I was just a …Continue reading

Windows Home Server SDK

See my post over on the Windows Home Server team blog announcing the availabilty of the Windows Home Server SDK!

Am I a twit?

I’m getting old and I think some of this newfangled technology stuff is beyond me. But that doesn’t stop me from trying to understand (and use it). I learn by doing. I can’t learn by reading. So I started blogging …Continue reading

A Transparent Buzz

Man there’s been a buzz around transparency lately… I honestly don’t have any insight into some grand plan at Microsoft about blogging and transparency. I can only point to my own personal experieces, and I have a timely example: Last …Continue reading

Stop Digital Amnesia

Stop Digital Amnesia SWAG Originally uploaded by ckindel. Have you checked out yet? We put this website together as a teaser for our announcement of Windows Home Server at CES. It is funny and informational!This photo is of some …Continue reading

More photos from Africa

Air Originally uploaded by ckindel. I’m now about 1/3 of the way through organizing and filtering the over 4000 photos we took in Africa. I still haven’t geo tagged any, but I appreicate the pointers I have gotten from people …Continue reading

Using WHS Computer Backup to upgrade a PC

This morning I used Windows Home Server’s Compter Backup capability to “upgrade” my main workstation’s HDD. Here’s how I did it… My main PC at home has a 60GB WD Raptor 10k RPM drive in it. For some reason that …Continue reading

ComputerWorld Review of Windows Home Server

ComputerWorld has a comprehesive review of Windows Home Server. “I found Home Server to be intuitive to use and very effective at backing up data as well as monitoring my home network’s health. Its simplicity and automation will make it a …Continue reading

Fake product screenshots

Fake Windows Home Server screen.  This is weird. I can understand people who have too much time on their hands creating fake product images of products that are not available yet. For example all of the mocked up images of Apple’s …Continue reading

A great runthrough of Windows Home Server setup

Terry over at We Got Served posted a nice run through of what the setup for Windows Home Server beta 2 is like. He took pictures along the way and if you are curious to see what it looks like before …Continue reading

Jetman: A human jet airplane

There are few things cooler than this. Ever. I want one of these. Wow.  

Where I answer "why not"…

FYI: I just posted a lengthy post titled “Why Doesn’t Windows Home Server do Foo?” over on the Windows Home Server Team Blog.

Sign up for Beta 2 now

From the comments I see that some people missed the announcement that we have opened up registration for Beta 2. See the Windows Home Server Team Blog for more info.