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Make your own parts

From the this is just plain cool department: eMachineShop allows you to design any physical “part” you want using a CAD program you download and then submit the plans to them. They will machine the part using any number of processes …Continue reading

Thin Media Clients and Home Servers

Ravi posted an article on on the topic of “thin media clients vs. thick media clients“. He’s got the right general idea but fails to talk about the other end of the equation: The thing that is providing the …Continue reading

Premise and .NET

Premise Systems has been sold (to an unannounced, but apparently BIG, buyer) and they have released preview versions of both thier Hardware and Services Development Kit (HSDK) and MiniBroker that are .NET based. I’ve spent some time playing with both …Continue reading

The Green Button

Wow. I’m impressed. It was just a week or so ago that The Green Button had issues with the hoster and now they have the site up and running on a new host. New look & feel. Most content appears …Continue reading

New MCE Controller Version

Tonight I posted version 1.0.2 of MCE Controller. Basically one new feature: The ability to shutdown, restart, standby, or hibernate the system. See the V1.0.2 readme at The product page is at Looking for feedback!

MCE Controller v1.0.1 Released!

Today I released the first public version of MCE Controller. MCE Controller allows the Media Center application of Windows Media Center Edition (MCE) to be integrated into an advanced AV control system by enabling programmatic control of the user interface …Continue reading

MCE Controller

In my post on XMLSerialization I mentioned that I was working on an app to enable control of MCE remotely over a TCP socket. I call this app MCE Controller and it’s basically done. Here’s what it does: Runs as …Continue reading


XMLSerialization absolutely rocks. I am blown away by the flexibility and richness it provides and how easy it is to use…once you get past the initial learning curve. I implemented it for a tool I’m writing that allows me to …Continue reading

My Premise to Crestron Bridge is now ready for beta testing!

Head on over to for details. The driver is now called the Kindel Systems Premise External Control Processor Bridge. I renamed it because it is actually completely generic and not specific to Crestron at all. It can be made to work …Continue reading

My Home Control System Overview

This post describes the systems in the house we completed in August 2002. I get quite a few people asking me about what I did in the house, and instead of re-typing it yet another time, I’ve decided to write …Continue reading

Interfacing Premise with Crestron

I’ve developed a solution for integrating Lantronix’ Premise Home Control Software with Crestron. I did this for my own home and am now considering what to do next with the code. I’d be interested in hearing from people who have thoughts …Continue reading