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Friday was my last day at Amazon

The goodbye mail to the Alexa Smart Home team explains it all pretty well: Date: Apr 27, 2018 3:03 PMSubject: Smart Home Org Update Team, With mixed emotions I share the news that Charlie Kindel has decided to leave Amazon. …Continue reading

My Apple ][ Tribute

It’s safe to say that the Apple ][ personal computer had a great an impact on my life as any other factor, short of the fact that I was born. This is my tribute to the Apple ][ on it’s …Continue reading

Once I was Afraid

Once I was afraid to ride a bike. Then I did it. Once I was afraid to program in BASIC. Then I did it. Once I was afraid of getting married. Then I married Julie. Once I was afraid of …Continue reading

1929 Jennings ‘Dutch Boy’ Quarter Play Slot Machine

In the ’50s my father & grandfather came across about a dozen slot machines that had been unearthed from a building excavation in Chicago. Out of the pile, they were able to restore a couple of them. I remember my …Continue reading

You Want to Buy my ’78 Toyota FJ40

UPDATE (1/15/2013): SOLD! 1978 Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser ‘Uglina’ One of the nicest, original Land Cruisers you will find on the planet. Rust free. Almost all mechanical components replaced or refurbished. Head to for details.

When the Technology We Create Is Meaningful

My mom passed away yesterday. She was 83 and it was her time. We’ve been expecting this to happen for a while and we are grateful she went calmly and peacefully. We’re writing an obituary and I’ll post it here …Continue reading

365 Days of Photos

On January 1, 2011 I started a project of posting a photo to Flickr, Facebook and Twitter every day. Today I concluded this project with the photo below: I did this #photo365 project mostly as an experiment: to see if …Continue reading

June 22, 1991

On this day 20 years ago I married my lovely bride Julie in Golden, CO. It’s been an amazing ride so far and I am excited for what the next 20 years bring. I love you Julie!

In 50 words or less: What the 2nd Amendment Means to you

Gun Digest ran an essay contest in 1964:  In 50 words or less write what the Right to Bear Arms means to you. The winner would get an all expense paid hunting safari to Africa. I had known my father …Continue reading

More photos from Africa

Air Originally uploaded by ckindel. I’m now about 1/3 of the way through organizing and filtering the over 4000 photos we took in Africa. I still haven’t geo tagged any, but I appreicate the pointers I have gotten from people …Continue reading

Back from Africa

Day 1 – Arusha to Serena 162 Originally uploaded by ckindel. We’re finally back from our amazing trip to East Africa. I thought I’d be able to jack in during our lay over at the Amsterdam airport and start to …Continue reading

A great runthrough of Windows Home Server setup

Terry over at We Got Served posted a nice run through of what the setup for Windows Home Server beta 2 is like. He took pictures along the way and if you are curious to see what it looks like before …Continue reading

He bit him!

I have not watched the 3rd and 4th hours of 24 that were on last night. Just didn’t have the time. But I did watch the first two hours on Sunday nght. All day yesterday the vampire scene kept popping …Continue reading

King5 BillG Interview/Story

Dennis Bounds of King5 News (Seattle) interviewed BillG in the CES booth over the week. I posted a still I took during the interview on Monday. I finally got a chance to watch the interview (it is posted on the …Continue reading

A great quote

Someone just forwarded me the following quote. This really resonates with me. I have been working on trying to get a home server product built at Microsoft for over 8 years… “At first people refuse to believe that a strange …Continue reading

Alec Saunders taught me craps

Heh, heh. I just noticed Alec Saunder’s post linking back here.  I am not a big gambler and I really only get to Las Vegas once a year…for CES, but my gambling history is deeply rooted in an amazing experience …Continue reading

Tigger has lost his voice

A long time ago I was known exclusively as Tigger. Few call me that anymore, and while it wasn’t my choice to be called Tigger, I always loved the character and felt he was a fair representation of my personality. …Continue reading

The Bomb In My Garden

  It is a small world and I always get a kick out of discovering connections between seemingly unrelated people and events. A few weeks ago I received a mailing from my high-school alma-mater, The Webb Schools of California, that …Continue reading

Sigh. Ski season is over.

I had planned on this being an epic ski season. I hurt my back in the fall (burst disk S1–L5, bulge in L4–L5) and thankfully avoided surgery. I vowed to get my core in shape so I’d have a great …Continue reading

My photos

Given all the photos we took in Alaska last week (488 between Kevin & I) I decided to actually try out a few of the latest online photo sites. I tried both and Besides allowing you to store …Continue reading