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ComputerWorld Review of Windows Home Server

ComputerWorld has a comprehesive review of Windows Home Server. “I found Home Server to be intuitive to use and very effective at backing up data as well as monitoring my home network’s health. Its simplicity and automation will make it a winner with many home users. More technically savvy users, however, may find its limitations frustrating. Microsoft has done a great job of hiding the complexities of server management in Home Server. … For my part, …Continue reading

Fake product screenshots

Fake Windows Home Server screen.  This is weird. I can understand people who have too much time on their hands creating fake product images of products that are not available yet. For example all of the mocked up images of Apple’s products that show up on Engadget regularly.I get that.I also sorta get the fact that when the Wikipedia article for Windows Home Server appeared (the day we announced in January) it had a fake/mocked up …Continue reading

A great runthrough of Windows Home Server setup

Terry over at We Got Served posted a nice run through of what the setup for Windows Home Server beta 2 is like. He took pictures along the way and if you are curious to see what it looks like before you get your beta kit take a gander. We Got Served Note this is probably the last post I’ll make for a while; I’m off to Africa for vacation. We are going to the Serengeti!

Building your Windows Home Server box

Until OEMs ship Windows Home Server hardware the only way to run Windows Home Server is on a machine you provide. The hardware requirements are pretty meager: An x86 CPU with roughly the same horsepower as a 1GHz Pentium III. It will actually run on less (I had it running on an old 550MHz Pentium III for a while), but for a reasonable experience you want something in this range. My current box at home …Continue reading

One Man (keeps) Shouting

Rick has posted several more parts of his ongoing series on Windows Home Server based on his discussions with me. He’s up to “Part 4“ as of today: Part 1 – Security of Data, User Privacy  Part 2 – User Management Part 3 – Business/Marketing Part 4 – Technology Enjoy…

Scoble says the buzz has died?

First, I think the idea of having a conversation via blogs is funny. In his post today Robert says “I hope to interview Charlie Kindel (he runs the Home Server group) when I visit Seattle later this month…“ Since he didn’t send me email with a request to meet, I guess I’m suppposed to reply via my blog as well. So here goes: Hi, Robert. I’d love to chat with you when you are up …Continue reading

Book Review: River of Gods

Whew! I finally finished River of Gods by Ian McDonald this weekend. I categorize River of Gods as a “Great story but a PITA to read book”. Here’s the deal: I shouldn’t have to work to read a science fiction novel. To me “a great read” just flows…I start reading the first chapter and 17 hours later I close the book and say “wow”. The books I love to read don’t make me tired. I …Continue reading

Windows Home Server team blog

My team (the Windows Home Server team) now has a blog. Here’s the abstract for this new blog. This blog is managed by the Windows Home Server team at Microsoft.  Our goal with the blog is to educate and inform families with multiple PCs about how Windows Home Server will help them easily store, protect and share their treasured photos, music, videos and documents.  We hope you enjoy the blog and find it a good source of …Continue reading

Visual Studio Express and Windows Home Server

Dan Fernandez is the lead product manager for Visual Studio Express. He just blogged about developing tools and applications for Windows Home Server using Visual Studio. + As I mentioned in my Channel9 video I’m super excited that WHS is going to enable geeks, makers, hobbyists, or whatever you want to call them to build fun and exciting things for their homes. Of course, WHS will also allow “professionals” to build products that extend the …Continue reading

Matt Pietrek & Windows Home Server

I just noticed that Matt Pietrek has been blogging about his experience playing with Windows Home Server. Matt is one of the many MS employees who have been Dogfooding the product for a while.

Home Server Flickr Group

Windows Home Server prototype Originally uploaded by ckindel. I’ve created a Flickr group for collecting pictures of people’s home servers and other related images Inspired by the Media Center group at  

Android Dreams

I recently finished John Scalzi’s Andoid’s Dream. I’ve said it before, but I’ve always been a huge fan of Robert Heinlein and John’s writing reminds me of his. This book is John’s 3rd sci-fi novel and his maturity over time as a writer is obvious. I think Old Man’s War is my favorite Scalzi book so far (although Ghost Brigades rocked too), but this is a fun, interesting book. It has great childish humor (passing gas is a …Continue reading

Questions Answered

Over on the discussion thread for my Channel9 video I just posted answers to some of the questions people have been asking about Windows Home Server…  

My Windows Home Server

My Windows Home Server Originally uploaded by ckindel. This is my WHS box at home. It started out in a different case (an Antec), but I retired my wife’s old computer and it used this Lian Lai case (which I’ve always liked). So I used this as an opportunity to put in a bigger power supply (4 750GB SATA drives are just on the edge of what a 350W supply can do) and a 4 …Continue reading

King5 BillG Interview/Story

Dennis Bounds of King5 News (Seattle) interviewed BillG in the CES booth over the week. I posted a still I took during the interview on Monday. I finally got a chance to watch the interview (it is posted on the King5 website). We loaded the demo home server boxes in the booth up with personal photos. A bunch of them were photos that I had on my camera from my Christmas vacation in Colorado with …Continue reading

Someone created a Wikipedia article for Windows Home Server I made a few edits correcting some inaccuracies… Whoever did it got most of it right. Nice job.

A great quote

Someone just forwarded me the following quote. This really resonates with me. I have been working on trying to get a home server product built at Microsoft for over 8 years… “At first people refuse to believe that a strange new thing can be done. Then they begin to hope it can be done. Then they see it can be done. Then it is done and all the world wonders why it was not done …Continue reading

We’ve been /. ed   It’s quite gratifying to see the number of fans of WHS we have on this slashdot thread.  There was an earlier /. thread that pointed to an article that was ostensibly about Windows Home Server, but was really about Apple. The discussions in the thread were thus not about our product.   This thread, on the otherhand, focuses on what we’re building specificaly and therefore is actually interesting.  

HP MediaSmart home server

HP’s offical page on their Windows Home Server powered box.  My team has a great relationship with the MediaSmart server team at HP. HP has done an outstanding job on their industrial design, mechanicals, and electronics (we have early engineering prototypes in our labs).  

Channel9 video interview on Windows Home Server

My Channel 9 interview video just went live. Please don’t tease me about how often I say “um”.