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Have Specific Conversations, not General Conversations

If you are discussing a topic with colleagues, it’s almost always better to have a specific conversation instead of a general conversation. General Conversation Specific Conversation “We need to figure out how to scrub all open bugs.” Followed by a …Continue reading

Kindel’s 2nd Law

Woot! I now have two laws named after me. Kindel’s 2nd Law: All companies where the primary business model is subscription-based eventually predominantly behave in ways inherently hostile to that company’s customers. This law is a law due to companies’ …Continue reading

Just Right Porridge and Leadership Principles

Last week I wrote about Have Backbone, Disagree and Commit. This week the topic is about how to get the balance right when living Leadership Principles. Just as it is possible to not live a leadership principle (under-index), it is …Continue reading

Have Backbone, Disagree and Commit

We’ve decided to adopt Amazon’s Leadership Principles at Control4. For a while we debated creating our own, or modifying Amazon’s, but in the end we decided just running with Amazon’s as-is would work best. Last week I sent a mail …Continue reading

I’m Betting on Control4

Previously I blogged about revamping the home control and entertainment system in my home. I decided to go with Control4. I mean REALLY go with Control4. First, I’ve been having a professional premium smart home installer (Wipliance) completely revamp my …Continue reading

"Write Once…" is Anti-Customer

Just as in the ’90s, there’s a bunch of hype these days around solving the cross-platform development problem. Mobile platform fragmentation is killing developers, and if only every device supported some common language or technology engine we could all Write …Continue reading

A Year of WP Engine

It has been almost a year since I gave up trying to be frugal about hosting my blog and handed over hosting to WP Engine. I’ve been completely satisfied with the service since then. Forever, I hosted my own blog, …Continue reading

Word as a Blog Writer? Finally?

I have fallen in love with Windows Live Writer as a blogging tool. I love how it reads & writes to my blog seamlessly, how it renders my posts within the editor as they’ll be posted, and how it handles …Continue reading

What Kindle Means for Android

[This is a copy of a guest post I wrote for GeekList. Find the original here.] I still think Amazon would be stupid to build a phone. But I no longer believe they won’t do it. Within the next 6 …Continue reading

Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT)

God did a great job engineering our bodies. But I think he put the B-team on the design of the spine and the knees. I, knock on wood, have not had serious problems with my knees, but my back is …Continue reading

Get Off Your Butt and Start Startuping

This message is for those of you who are either “Stuck” in a great paying job at BigCo in the Seattle area (Microsoft, Boeing, Amazon, Starbucks, etc…) Living near Seattle & trying to figure out what to do with your …Continue reading

R.I.P. Nancy M. Kindel 1928-2012

  February 3, 2012 – Ft. Collins, CO. Nancy Kindel, born May 22, 1928, died peacefully with her children at her side. Nancy and her late husband, Charles E. “Ted” Kindel were Vail, Colorado and Forest Highlands, Arizona pioneers. Incredibly …Continue reading

Prevent another SOPA

Yay. “We” beat SOPA. It snuck up on us but we activated and used our superpowers to defeat it (yes, I contacted my reps & I blacked out cek.log on the 18th). But ask yourself this: How in the frak …Continue reading

Book Review of a Book You Can’t Find

My wife was loaned Narrow is the Way – Why I Defected from Russia by Sergei Sazonov via her book club. She said I’d enjoy it. I read it. I loved it. I went online to find it to recommend …Continue reading

WP Engine: Techmeme’d proof WordPress hosting

I’ve moved this blog from blogging platform to blogging platform over the years. Each time my primary motivation for moving was to learn a new technology. Last year I moved from Community Server, hosted on my own Windows Server box …Continue reading

Charlie’s Gadgets Worth Getting Guide 2011

My personal tagline is “If it makes noises or moves electrons I dig it.” To that end I’m going to start a yearly tradition of writing up a set of Christmas gift recommendations. Here’s the inaugural edition. Amazon Kindle I …Continue reading

I use TwitterFeed for automatically tweeting blog posts

I’m writing this post simply so I can remember the name of this service in 9 months when I need to change a setting again. That’s one of the problem with all these web services: there are so many of …Continue reading

Behind the Code

The Microsoft Channel 9 Behind the Code series is managed by the Technical Community Network group within Microsoft and is intended to capture the stories of Microsoft’s most influential technical employees. Last fall I was honored to be invited to …Continue reading

Windows Live Photo Gallery rocks

Lacrosse 2009-03-07 203 Stitch Originally uploaded by ckindel I love digital photography but not so much that I feel like I need to become an Adobe Lightroom whore. I just like really simple tools that just work. I’ve found Windows …Continue reading

Stop using Google!

[Update June 15, 2009 – Updated with Bing info] Use Bing! Bing is sooo much better. Yes, I know "Google" has become a verb but the reality is Bing’s search results are (finally) better. Live’s mapping ( is far superior. …Continue reading