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ǝɯ ʍolloɟ

Every few months I make a renewed effort to do the "social networking" thing. I download the latest tools, poke around, post status updates, read other people’s stuff, and basically try to "live it".  I’ve been pretty consistent with using …Continue reading

10 years ago I had hair. I and I loved COM.

Somewhere Henk de Koning unearthed a video of me taken 10 years ago yesterday touting The Component Object model.  Back then I was "the COM guy" and I had hair. Egads. "Don blogged about a video of Gudge explaining COM. …Continue reading

Hello from the Serengeti

Day 1 – Arusha to Serena 162 Originally uploaded by ckindel. The “tent camp” we are staying at here in the Sergengeti has a PC with satellite “broadband” access. I was able to sequester it long enough to upload this …Continue reading

Scoble says the buzz has died?

First, I think the idea of having a conversation via blogs is funny. In his post today Robert says “I hope to interview Charlie Kindel (he runs the Home Server group) when I visit Seattle later this month…“ Since he …Continue reading

Windows Home Server team blog

My team (the Windows Home Server team) now has a blog. Here’s the abstract for this new blog. This blog is managed by the Windows Home Server team at Microsoft.  Our goal with the blog is to educate and inform families …Continue reading

Matt Pietrek & Windows Home Server

I just noticed that Matt Pietrek has been blogging about his experience playing with Windows Home Server. Matt is one of the many MS employees who have been Dogfooding the product for a while.

Home Server Flickr Group

Windows Home Server prototype Originally uploaded by ckindel. I’ve created a Flickr group for collecting pictures of people’s home servers and other related images Inspired by the Media Center group at  

Worst (Best?) Icy Road Video ever!

If you’ve ever been in a situation like this you’ll probably cringe. Otherwise you will probably laugh.

Questions Answered

Over on the discussion thread for my Channel9 video I just posted answers to some of the questions people have been asking about Windows Home Server…  

My Windows Home Server

My Windows Home Server Originally uploaded by ckindel. This is my WHS box at home. It started out in a different case (an Antec), but I retired my wife’s old computer and it used this Lian Lai case (which I’ve …Continue reading

Who I’m watching

After keeping the secret for so long, I’m probaby over doing it by constantly searching (and google, sigh) for “windows home server” and seeing what people are saying. However, I keep finding jewels. Here are some of my recent …Continue reading

Someone created a Wikipedia article for Windows Home Server I made a few edits correcting some inaccuracies… Whoever did it got most of it right. Nice job.

Interesting Flickr Effect

I post photos to my blog via Flickr. It is super easy to do and automatically takes care of scaling the images and providing a link to hi-res versions on Flickr.   At CES I took a phone cam pic …Continue reading

HP MediaSmart home server

HP’s offical page on their Windows Home Server powered box.  My team has a great relationship with the MediaSmart server team at HP. HP has done an outstanding job on their industrial design, mechanicals, and electronics (we have early engineering prototypes …Continue reading

Divorceable Offense

Todd Headrick is the product planner for Windows Home Server. He was the first person I hired onto the team way back… Here’s Todd doing a great demo of Windows Home Server at CES. Near the end you’ll hear him …Continue reading

Bill in the booth

DSCN0242 Originally uploaded by ckindel. Here’s BillG doing an interview in the Windows Home Server booth at CES.

First Ski Day of 2007

Family went skiing for the first time this year tonight at Steven’s Pass. I burst my S1/L5 disc in my back a few months ago and I just had another cortezone epidural injection yesterday. I was feeling close to 100% …Continue reading


This is a test post from , a fancy photo sharing thing.

Blogging from Flickr

Classic Kona Look Originally uploaded by ckindel. Playing with Flickr tonight… I just discovered that Flickr lets you post blog entries from Flickr to just about any blog engine, including .Text. So this is a test to see if it …Continue reading

First Darth Vader and now Simon

I Am A Cheeseburger ( is an immensly talented author who has been publishing some very creative things on various “Blogs”. I first discovered his Darth Vader’s Blog this spring and now am thoroughly enjoying Simon of Space, a science …Continue reading