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Comment spam has been driving me nuts. I implemented a blacklist based fliter a while back which stopped a bunch of it, but ever week 100’s of bogus comments got through because the blacklist was not updated fast enough. So …Continue reading

Do you have a NAS at home?

A bunch of us were sitting around arguing about why people are buying these inexpensive NAS (Network Attached Storage) boxes. Then we started arguing about who was buying them. I’ve poured over all the market research I can find and neither …Continue reading

Darth Vader’s Blog Definately on my blog roll.

6mbps for less $

I’ve been having some issues with Comcast lately. First my bill seemed high and second they kept declining pay-per-views. Of course we were trying to watch pay-per-view movies on our family movie night (Saturday) and when I would call Comcast …Continue reading

Bluetake BT500 Bluetooth mouse and Windows XP SP2

I have a Dell Insipron 8600 laptop with built-in Bluetooth support. The touchpad is not bad, but when I’m doing heavy work in MindManager I am moving the cursor around a lot. I wanted a mouse I could take with me to meetings …Continue reading

My moblog is on MSN Spaces

MSN Spaces looks really cool. They have implemented some very, very cool features that make using it for moblogging (mobile blogging) very easy. All you have to do is send an email to your blog and if the email includes …Continue reading

My team

Chris Gray on my team is playing with IIS at home. He’s got a little moblog app that automatically takes pics from his PocketPC phone and uploads them. This pic was taken right before we had an executive review for …Continue reading

Community Server Beta One

Community Server (formerly .Text) Beta One has finally been released. I’m downloading and installing it now at work to use as an internal team blog. I love .Text and can’t wait to see how Scott has improved things in this …Continue reading

You can now download my skin

I’ve zipped up this skin I use on this blog and made it available for download here. Let me know if you are using it and/or if you have any problems.

Modifying the .Text CategoryList

If anyone knows how to modify .Text so that the order the things appear in the CategoryList (on the right) I’d love to hear it. I got started on this little remodelling because I was trying to figure that out. …Continue reading

Yet another look and feel

Ok, I think I have my new look and feel set. I based this on the Cogitation Blue by Mark Wagner but integrated what I had done previously. I really like the little tab bar. Apparently Mark’s skin (and hopefully mine) …Continue reading

Running .Text 0.95 now

I finally was able to download and install .Text 0.95. I’m in the process of getting all my old settings in place (including my skin). You might see some ugliness for a while…

New look and feel

I wasted a bunch of time tonight updating the look and feel of my blog. Things I changed: Slightly altered the color scheme to have a bit more blue in it. Blue’s my favorite color. Changed the header to be …Continue reading

Mount St. Helens Photos

Via Furrygoat, I found a great USGS website with tons of really good pictures of Mount St. Helens. Definitely worth checking out. When I see these photos I’m reminded of two things: How gawd-awful the pictures of the 1980 eruption …Continue reading

Iain Blogs about Version 1.0 products

Iain (who as moved to has a great post based on an old doc written in ’95. The topic of the post is how to avoid the pitfalls of a Version 1.0 product. Good stuff.

Windows Server is listening…

Billie Jo Murray, who runs the Windows Server Customer Experience Group, is now blogging. If you have feedback about Windows Server’s documentation and customer programs head over to her blog and let her know.

Storage at Home – How to store that precious data – Part 1

Many, many enthusiast/geeks like myself have huge storage needs. I currently have the following data on my home network: 200GB of WMA 9 Lossless music (“backups“ of my CD collection). 30GB of WMA 9 128kpbs music (re-encoded of above for …Continue reading

Storage at Home – How to store that precious data – Part 2

Use High Quality Drives “Enterprise” class drives, typically with SCSI or Fibre channel interfaces, are tested more thoroughly at the factory (and have longer warranties to prove it). The problem is these drives are significantly more expensive than consumer drives, …Continue reading

SBS 2003 Rocks!

Yankee Group says 86% of midsize and smaller companies use Small Business Server. Microsoft’s Small Business Server is a remarkable hit, said a research firm Monday as it released the results of a survey that claimed an astounding 86% of …Continue reading

My contributions to the evolution of mascara in Windows UI

Raymond has a fun story about “The evolution of mascara in Windows UI“. Reminded me of my early days of Windows programming. Before I was at Microsoft (and for a bit after) I developed a few (mildly successful) shareware applications …Continue reading