Bluetake BT500 Bluetooth mouse and Windows XP SP2

I have a Dell Insipron 8600 laptop with built-in Bluetooth support. The touchpad is not bad, but when I’m doing heavy work in MindManager I am moving the cursor around a lot. I wanted a mouse I could take with me to meetings and the road…

For a while I carried around a tiny USB mouse someone had given me as swag but it was corded and the wire was always in the way. Then I bought a Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse and used it for a few weeks. Better; but it’s wireless mechanism is proprietary and required me to plug a little USB dongle antenna into the laptop. A pain in the butt, especially given the laptop has built in Bluetooth support and I knew there were Bluetooth mice out there.

However, the Microsoft and Logtitech BT mice I had seen were all “full size”. I wanted something small like the cheapo tiny USB mouse I had. A quick MSN Search query for “Bluetooth mini mouse” pointed me at a few options; I took a chance and ordered a Bluetake BT500 mouse from

I received the mouse on Monday and had no trouble getting it setup even though the instructions that came with it were for the Mac. Sadly there were no Windows specific instructions included, although I did find a doc on the Bluetake site that might have been helpful if I actually needed help.

The Dell/XP Bluetooth tools seemed to “just work”. The mouse is responsive, smooth, and feels good in my hand even though it’s tiny. The scroll wheel is a bit jerky and sometimes takes 1/2 a roll or so to “engage” and actually make something happen. But I consider that minor.

One problem that I did encounter was every time I turned off the mouse, suspended my laptop, or restarted it, I would have to “re join” the mouse via the Bluetooth wizard in XP. I finally figured out that I needed to go to the Bluetooth Configuration control panel applet (not the task bar thing that Dell put on the machine) and  add the BT500 device to the list of “Devices allowed to discover this computer” as shown below.


Now the mouse and PC talk together automatically every time. Apparently the batteries on this little guy will last 4 or more weeks. If I find otherwise I’ll post a followup, but for now I think this is a really great device.

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