What it Means to Be Great Product Manager

A Tweetstorm of mine from earlier in the week:


1/ (piling on a comment @natbro made about PMs) Besides customers, there are two groups of people involved in building tech products:

2/ Engineers and everyone else. Only the engineers actually produce anything for the customer. The job of everyone else, especially PMs

3/ is to generate clarity and commitment to a purpose so that the engineers can create magic. Bad PMs don’t get this and think the product

4/ and business revolve around them. Great PMs have no ego in this regard and understand the reality:

5 That the only work that truly matters is that of the engineers. That said, it is also true that left to their own devices, engineers

6/ will do two things: 1) the most complicated thing, 2) the thing they think is fun. Therefore, do not confuse the fact that a PM’s job

7/ is to enable (and influence) engineers with the idea that PMs are not needed. On the contrary, when done right, great PMs free

8/ the engineers to focus on what they are best on: technical invention and execution. They do this by creating clarity around

9/who the customer is, where the customer is, why the customer cares, why it’s important for the business, and when it’s relevant.

10/ Oh, yea: I have more open PM roles on the Alexa team. Join me in enabling engineers to create magic for #AmazonEcho customers.

11/ E.g.  https://www.amazon.jobs/en/landing_pages/alexasmarthome

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  1. Marty Steinberg

    You nailed it Charlie! I can relate to this from both the engineering and PM role and you’ve captured the PM role perfectly for those who only think they get it.

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